Level 2: Physics & Body Mechanics

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Level 2: Physics & Body Mechanics

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Continuing where Level 1 leaves off, Level 2 will introduce the student to the concepts of physics (and how they apply to animated motion) and body mechanics (the way joints and structure are utilized during basic locomotion: i.e. walking, running, jumping, etc.). We will also explore the concepts of adding emotion and acting to animation, further enforcing the idea of bringing a character to life.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: All class times are in Pacific Time.

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The Animation Course, Level 1

As with Level 1, Level 2 can be experienced in any form of animation (hand drawn, computer, etc.).

Topics Covered

  • Weight and balance

  • Basic human structure

  • Force

  • Body language

  • Examining human walks and runs

  • Acting and expression

  • Communication and the face

  • Joint critiques of student work

  • and much more

Software Requirements

There is free or low cost animation software available, but you will need access to a computer that will run it. You may also choose to run your own software as long as you are able to show your animation in a video. See our software recommendations here.


Course Formats

1. Live Classes: Meets 1x/week with full access to teacher; homework is graded by a professional animator.

2. Recordings With Grading: Watch the recording anytime during the week of the live class with full access to teacher; homework is graded by a professional animator.

3. Recordings Only: Watch the recording anytime (all year round) but NO access to teacher and NO homework grading.

To see a fuller explanation of Course Formats:


Session Dates

Sessions are usually around 12 weeks long.

There are three opportunities per year to attend a Live Class or view Recordings with Grading: Spring Session, Summer Session, and Fall Session.

You can sign up for the Recordings Only option anytime during the year!


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