Level 1: Principles of Animation

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Level 1: Principles of Animation

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The main goal of Level 1 is to introduce the student to the concept of animation. Not merely making something move across the screen, but rather making something come to life. We learn how to do this through The Principles of Animation, ideas and concepts that were identified and written down by 2 of the original Disney Animators. Each week we will examine and explain one principle and then put it into practice as the student will have an assignment to create their own animation during the week (3-5 hours per week). By the end of Level 1 the student will have created 4 animation projects.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: All class times are in Pacific Time.

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Software Requirements

There is free or low cost animation software available, but you will need access to a computer that will run it. You may also choose to run your own software as long as you are able to show your animation in a video. See our software recommendations here.

No Prior Experience Necessary

Level 1 can be experienced in any form of animation (hand drawn, computer, etc.).

Topics Covered

  • The principles of animation

  • Traditional hand drawn animation

  • Computer generated animation

  • Joint critiques of student work

  • Animation history

  • and much more


Course Formats

1. Live Classes: Meets 1x/week with full access to teacher; homework is graded by a professional animator.

2. Recordings With Grading: Watch the recording anytime during the week of the live class with full access to teacher; homework is graded by a professional animator.

3. Recordings Only: Watch the recording anytime (all year round) but NO access to teacher and NO homework grading.

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Session Dates

Sessions are usually around 12 weeks long.

There are three opportunities per year to attend a Live Class or view Recordings with Grading: Spring Session, Summer Session, and Fall Session.

You can sign up for the Recordings Only option anytime during the year!


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