TDC: Level 2






12 - one hour long sessions: Meeting online through Adobe Connect


The Drawing Course is our newest course, aimed at introducing the different principles and techniques of drawing as an art form.  Level 2 will turn the focus toward the character and design of humans and animals. Taking the tools learned in Level 1, the student will focus on bringing life to the drawing through the concepts of gesture and expression.  The Student will also begin creating image sequences, emphasizing structure and how the body moves.


Each week a new topic will be discussed and demonstrated with the student both drawing in class and on their own during the week (1 to 2 hours per week).


Topics covered through the course:

  • Character Expression

  • Shape and design

  • Personality

  • Gesture and motion

  • Structure: Skeletal and Muscular

  • Silhouette value

  • Creating a Character

  • and much more


The Drawing course requires no specific software, just pencil and paper and a way to scan/take a picture of your work.


Cost:  $300 (You can reserve your spot with a $50 registration fee)

Ages:  11 to 18 (middle/high school)

Taught by Chad Stewart

Note:  The Drawing Course can be taken in any order.  Level 2 can be taken without the prerequisite of Level 1.

From the week of Jan. 29th 2018 through the week of April 23rd 2018:  Click on the Class Time to Register

Mondays 4:00 pm Pacific Time  Click here for time zone converter CLASS IS FULL!