Rig: Intro




Two hour long recording: Recorded online through Adobe Connect


The main goal of the Rigging Intro class is to introduce the student to the concept of rigging, or creating an animation control skeleton in Maya and attaching it to a character model. The class must be taken with Maya 2017 or later, but the concepts taught will be applicable to other 3D software, such as Blender, 3D Studio Max, or other such platforms. (Must have previous experience with Maya or other 3D software)


Topics covered through the class:

  • Creating Joints

  • IK and FK

  • Deformations

  • and much more


There is a free student Maya License available, but you will need access to a computer that will run it. Click the Student Software Tab above.


Cost:  $50

Ages:  11 to 18

Taught by Todd Pilger w. Chad Stewart



Rigging Recorded Seminar