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We so enjoy our partnership with Charter Schools (CS) and Parent Partnerships Programs (PPP) and do our best to accommodate the different rules and policies of each individual CS & PPP that we work with, as they all carry their own differences.

After a few sessions of working through the payment process with multiple types of systems, here is the process that seems to work best and provides the best situation for the school, the student, and The Animation Course, LLC. (TAC) This results in the cost of our classes being $350 for a CS or PPP student. There are some exceptions to this as noted below in ().


1.    Parents pay the $50 registration fee when they go onto our website and register. That link is: www.theanimcourse.com.  If we don’t have the parents pay the $50 registration to hold a spot then by the time they are ready to register using the Charter School P.O. system, our classes are typically full already and they lose out on joining us for that current session.

(A couple of CS or PPP pay directly through our website at the time of registration, i.e.. Inspire, and in this case the parent does not have to pay the $50 registration fee.)

2.    Parents will then set up a PO for $300 with their ES for the full payment of the class.

3.    TAC will invoice within the billing agreement set up with each CS or PPP. This might be after orientation materials have been delivered or it might be after the session has ended. Some billing is accomplished online and some is through mail.

4.    TAC will provide a transcript of the student’s completed work and an attendance log if needed.

5.    If the parent wants a refund of the $50 registration fee, they need to apply for it from the CS/PPP. (As in the case of one PPP, Berrien Springs, the school refunds their students $50 registration fee if the class is completed to satisfaction)